The Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House was established in 1980 and this year, despite all 2020 has brought us, we are proud to celebrate 40 years of service of being a home away from home for weary travelers in need of life-saving medical treatment. In honor of 40 incredible years, we compiled a list of 40 Statements of Gratitude we have heard over the years.  Click here to see the Gratitudes and  then add some of your own to our Facebook page here

After much consideration AHHH has decided to remain open during this season. Any procedure that could be postponed has been, however the guests that are with us currently, are here because they have to be. We believe the services we provide at AHHH are ESSENTIAL and as long as hospitals remain open, so should we.

We are taking every precaution we can and following all CDC guidelines.

Since we always serve those with compromised immune systems, our standards of cleaning and disinfecting are above normal but we have implemented more procedures anywhere we can to ensure all of our guests are safe and protected.

Here are a few of the policies we have recently implemented:


  • No visitors or volunteers allowed. This is a hard one for us because we LOVE our volunteers and don't know what we would do without each of you but feel this is best for our guests,at least for the next two weeks. (Please see below in ways you can still help us from afar!)


  • Guests will no longer be able to utilize our dormitory rooms. We believe it is wise to keep families together but not to have strangers together in close quarters. We are working with guests with financial assistance and finding other rooms for guests to stay.


  • Masks and gloves are available to staff. Our staff at AHHH is amazing and have been given the option to remain at home during this time if they wish. Each one of them is here because they believe in our mission and desire to serve our guests. They are the real heroes in this situation and continue to show up for work and love each person well. Supplies have been given for extra precautions as they are choosing to keep AHHH operating each day!


These are the things we are STILL doing:


  • Home-Cooked Dinners Each Night: Every evening at 7pm, guests can come back from the hospital and receive a delicious home-cooked meal prepared by our staff. We are "practicing social distancing" by spreading out around the table but the sound of laughter fills the room each night of the week as guests build community with one another.


  • Clean, Safe, Affordable Place to Heal: Someone said recently, "You may come to Atlanta for medical purposes, but you come to AHHH to heal." What an honor that we can offer a respite in the midst of a crisis. We know everyone who is here, does not want to be here. No one wants to be spending days or weeks at a hospital in a city they don't live in. We will continue to offer a clean, safe, affordable place for our guests to heal as long as we are able!

*Please let us know if we can serve you during this time*

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